Chris Shepherd’s Signature Wings

Chris Shepherd’s Signature Wings

No Super Bowl menu is complete without wings.

Chris Shepherd — chef of Houston hot spot Underbelly and (head chef of On Location Experiences’ exclusive Stadium Club event at SBLI) — has a recipe on hand that combines the best of Vietnamese fish sauce chicken wings and Houston’s signature smoky flavors.

“They’re a perfect snack because they’re a little salty, a little sweet with a slight hint of spice,” he says, in his interview with People Magazine.

At our Stadium Club, Shepherd and STK will serve up dishes that highlight the culinary diversity of Houston — from South Texas Pork Tamales with Chili Con Carne to famous Korean Braised Goat and Dumplings.

We’re confident these will be the best Super Bowl Sunday appetizers you’ve ever tasted.

Get Chris Shepherd’s wings recipe here:

See you in Houston!

Photo by Julie Soefer

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