Enjoy Food From Award-Winning Miami Restaurants at Your Super Bowl LIV Pregame Party

Enjoy Food From Award-Winning Miami Restaurants at Your Super Bowl LIV Pregame Party

When you plan your Super Bowl experience with On Location, you will receive a one-of-a-kind package that includes NFL legend meet & greets, postgame field access, live pregame entertainment and most importantly…incredible food.

With On Location, you can enjoy Super Bowl pregame food from award-winning restaurants in one of the country’s most diverse culinary landscapes; Miami. Below are some of the options you can choose from when dining with On Location at one of our pregame parties:

House of Mac
Known as “World Famous House of Mac,” this restaurant is well known in the Wynwood area for their take on Caribbean soul food. Originally launched as a food truck in 2014, Chef Teach has expanded into three restaurants across Miami and has been featured on the Today Show, Forbes and Billboard. From mac & cheese to chicken & waffles to the city’s best wings, Miami locals know this is the place to go to treat themselves.

This restaurant has been open since 1975, serving the Miami community a unique combination of family recipes that combines both Cuban and American dishes. One of the most recognizable Cuban restaurants in the city, Sergio’s is known best as the “Empanada King of Miami” for their healthy and flavorful interpretation of the classic Latin American snack. And don’t forget to try the frita! Miami’s signature burger is served on Cuban bread and piled high with shoestring potatoes.

La Camaronera
La Camaronera is an iconic Miami seafood restaurant, founded by a family of Cuban fisherman in 1976. An authentic Cuban fish-fry, diners will experience special dishes such as camarones fritos (breaded shrimp), cangrejo moro (stone crab) and an array of other fried fish. Featured on Food Network’s Diner, Drive-Ins’ and Dives, La Camaronera has a reputation as one of the top restaurants in Little Havana.

Thinking about dessert? Azucar Ice Cream Company is an option to satisfy your sweet tooth! Included at the top of Thrillist Miami’: 50 Things You Need to Eat Before You Die, Azucar is different from your average ice cream shop in that it serves the Miami community Cuban inspired flavors. Try some of their signature flavors like guava and cream cheese, café con leche and mantecado (Cuban vanilla) for a truly unique Miami food experience.

These are just a few of the incredible dining options that On Location provides exclusively to guests before Super Bowl LIV. Immerse yourself in the Miami culture with the city’s best restaurants…only at On Location.

For more information and to purchase On Location’s premium ticket packages to Super Bowl LIV, fans and corporate clients should visit nflonlocation.com or call 1-800-683-4846, before limited supplies run out.

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