Mexico City’s Magic

Mexico City’s Magic

This fall, the NFL International Series will return to Mexico City for the third straight year. Thousands of fans from around the world will gather at Estadio Azteca, which promises to provide one of the most diverse and exciting gameday atmospheres in the world. The unique environment is not a coincidence, however, as Mexico City is known for its wide range of cultural influences. Aztec and Spanish traditions are observable at numerous locations, particularly in architecture, food, and the arts.

One of the most popular areas for visitors is the main square in central Mexico City, the Zocalo. The Zocalo has been an important area for hundreds of years, where it was originally a meeting place for the Aztec. It is surrounded by numerous historical sites, such as the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. The Zocalo is also home to an array of artistic events such as traditional Aztec performances, parades, and massive concerts. Around the perimeter of the Zocalo, there are numerous restaurants with picturesque views of the square to give you a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. On November 18, NFL On Location guests will have access to a free shuttle, allowing them to explore the Zocalo however they please.

In addition to the historical landmarks of Mexico City, the Fan Fest at the Zocalo will provide a great opportunity to celebrate the NFL International Series. Guests will be able to receive autographs from NFL alumni, take pictures with the Lombardi Trophy, and dress in the uniform of their favorite team. Fans will also be able to observe unique NFL artwork, such as Aztec inspired helmets and footballs. Additionally, fans can test their football skills during competitions such as the Hail Mary throw or 40 Yard Dash. With a wide variety of activities available, the Fan Fest is the best place to get ready for the game on Monday night.

For all On Location guests with weekend experiences, a Sunday afternoon shuttle service will be available between the hotel and historic downtown Mexico City. This will allow for our guests to explore the area at their leisure without the hassle of securing transportation.

The NFL Mexico Game is sure to provide an experience that NFL On Location guests will never forget. With a unique mix of Aztec and Spanish influences, there are endless ways to immerse yourself in the culture of Mexico City.

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