NFL Draft Experience Recap

NFL Draft Experience Recap

Rob Petruska and his family attended the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville with NFL On Location.  As a family of mixed die-hard Browns, Packers, and Colts fans, they drove down from Indianapolis, Indiana to see the NFL’s next generation be picked by their favorite teams. We wanted to know more about why the 2019 NFL Draft was so special to the Petruska family and what football means to them.


What do you do for a living?
I am a Vice President for a mortgage company in Indianapolis.

How did you find out about On Location’s fan packages?
Went on line as soon as we heard about the 2019 Draft being in Nashville, it is something that my family always wanted to do.

Who did you attend The 2019 NFL Draft with?
My 23 year old son and wife (daughter could not come as she had finals and is in her junior year at Ball State University).

Have you attended The Draft in the past?

Who is your favorite NFL team?
I am a die-hard Browns (born in Ohio). My son and daughter are die-hard Packers fans (born in Waukesha, Wisconsin and God puts a packer gene in every kid born in Wisconsin, I tried hard).

Which player were you most excited to meet?
None specifically but I would love to one day meet Baker Mayfield.

If you did not meet your favorite player, who were you most excited to see get drafted?
My son is a Make-a-Wish recipient and took a trip to Wisconsin to meet Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers. We were most excited to see who would go as the number 1 pick on Thursday.

What did attending The Draft mean to you and your son?
This is a long answer and really quite emotional. I have always said that my son can go toe-to-toe with Mel Kiper on the Draft, he studies and lives for the Draft every year.  Our family would watch the Draft and for the last 2 years, I driven up to Ball State while my son was in school and watched it with him and his fraternity brothers.  My kids love it and to be able to take that tour and have him stand at that podium was a very special moment we will not forget.  The only thing that would have made it better is if his sister was there!

What was your favorite part about The NFL Draft weekend?
The Behind-the-Scenes tour and of course seeing who the Packers and Browns would draft.

What about football do you find captivating?
It is just in our blood, I guess. We are very die-hard fans. I have a bright orange Rubicon Jeep Wrangler and even painted my lawn mower brown and orange.  My son and daughter have tons of green and yellow all over, as well!

What is something you will never forget about attending the Draft with NFL On Location?
It was the Behind-the-Scenes tour and the premium seating to watch the action close up.

What is your favorite football memory?
For my kids, even though they were young, the Super Bowl wins as a favorite. Unfortunately for me it was the drive and the fumble, not my favorite but I remember.  I was also at the Browns game when we finally broke the streak last year against the Jets and that was a great memory.

On a typical football Sunday, who do you experience the game with?
We have DirectTV so if the Browns and Packers and Colts (my wife is a colts fan) are all on at the same time it is funny as we have 3 different TV’s going, and when they are not, we are watching together when we are all home.

What is one food that MUST be at a football tailgate?
When we tailgate it’s mostly burgers and brats.

Do you have any plans to attend regular season games this year?
I want to try to get to at least 1 Browns game and am trying to figure out a way to get to Green Bay for a game, which is an 8 hour drive.

What’s next and do you have plans to attend The Draft again next year in Las Vegas?
At this time, we are not planning on attending in Vegas because we would have to fly instead of drive.

Did you meet or see any NFL players or Legends while attending On Location events?
We met NFL Legends Orlando Pace and Brian O

Finish the Sentence: Football is _____?
Part of our life in the fall

Which NFL event is on your bucket list?
Super bowl (and even more special if Browns and Packers were there 😊)

Please share anything else noteworthy about your experience.
The On Location staff were nice and friendly and always knew where we needed to go. It was a moment that we will always remember as a family!

Join us at the NFL Draft in Las Vegas!

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