A Bond Built By Football

A Bond Built By Football

Rob & Sage Shindler Q&A

Rob Shindler and his son, Sage, are from Chicago and made the trip down to Nashville for their eighth-annual father-son trip to the NFL Draft.  As an avid football fan and NFL Draft aficianado, we asked Rob to tell us more about why he loves attending the Draft year after year with his son and what keeps him coming back.

How did you find out about On Location’s fan packages?
When he was eight years old, my youngest son surprised me for my birthday with two tickets to the NFL Draft in New York City. Our flight got delayed from Chicago for seven hours & we actually missed 3/4 of the 1st round. It still was the best birthday weekend of my life.

How many years have you been attending the Draft?
The 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville was our eighth straight year attending together.

Who is your favorite NFL team and player?
My all-time favorite football player is the starting quarterback #9 from Walter Payton College Prep High School, Sage Shindler. Next favorites are Tom Brady & Drew Brees and my favorite team is the Chicago Bears.

What about the NFL Draft do you find captivating?
Crazy people from all over the planet come together for one weekend to celebrate something they all love. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you do back home, everyone just gets along. You find yourself hugging & high fiving a guy from Philadelphia with his face painted green that you just met five minutes ago. I have met the nicest (craziest) people that have watched my son grow up before their eyes year after year.

What is something you will never forget about your experience with NFL On Location?
My son getting to meet Jim Brown in the lobby of a hotel & me introducing him as the second greatest running back of all time to #34.

What is your favorite football memory?
Meeting Brian Piccolo in a restaurant with my dad when I was six. I don’t exactly remember the whole event, but my dad always told me he was just a really nice, normal, kind person. It’s the only professional athlete I ever met with my dad.

On a typical football Sunday, who do you experience the game with?
I have a beautiful wife & three kids but on Sunday, they all know that the couch in our family room is reserved for Sage & I. We sit in the exact same spots every week.

Do you have any football rituals?
For every Sunday night game we order sushi.

Do you have plans to attend regular season games this year?
We try to go to two or three Bears home games each season.

What is your favorite memory from an NFL Draft weekend?
One year we were lucky enough to be staying at the same hotel as the players. I think my son was 10 or 11 at the time & I had him go up to Eddie Lacy in the bar and ask if he could buy him a celebration drink. I then stood by & watched my son serve a drink to Eddie and they sat at the same table for a bit talking together.

What’s next and do you have plans to attend the 2020 NFL Draft in Vegas next year?
Yes, Las Vegas will be our 9th straight year…

Did you meet or see any NFL players or Legends while attending On Location events?
Too many to mention. One of the nicest ones was Michael Irvin.

Finish the Sentence: Football is _____?
…my son Sage’s everything. If Tom Brady, Sage & I were stranded on a deserted island and there was only enough water for two of us, I would be the one not making it home.

Which NFL event is on your bucket list?
Pro Bowl

If you could choose to have the NFL Draft take place anywhere in the U.S., where would it be?

Please share anything else noteworthy about your experience
My son and I have built a billion memories together staying in hotel rooms, eating food his mom would never let us eat and talking about football together. When I was a kid, I loved football. Then I lost touch with it. Sage & the NFL Draft brought it back into my life ten-fold.

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