Power Player

Power Player

We are proud to congratulate our CEO, John Collins, for being recognized by Sports Business Journal as one of the sports ticketing industry’s “Power Players”. Every year, SBJ creates a list of the most innovative personalities in the ticketing industry. This year, John Collins was alongside executives from some of the most notable leagues and franchises in the world.

With the announcement of this award, Collins continues to focus on changing the mindset of consumers, evolving ticketing from a point of basic entry to a system of exclusive access and experience optionality.

“Over the next five years the most important aspect of ticketing will be how fans are able to leverage event access with their desired experience, whether that’s an NFL fan looking for access to Super Bowl weekend, a student group following their university team to the Final Four, or a music fan connecting with their favorite artist on tour or traveling to a music festival.”

Collins sees the changes in sports ticketing as similar to those of the music industry, which has been focused on the fan experience for years. No matter the size of the crowd, artists can connect with their audience on an emotional level.

He is passionate about getting people to attend the games instead of watching in their homes. His best solution is to ensure that On Location Experiences exceeds fans’ experiential needs by providing something unique that viewers cannot be a part of on their couch.

“It’s all about the experience,” he said. “If the system is fragmented, today’s buyers aren’t interested.”

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