A Super Bowl Surprise

A Super Bowl Surprise

Through our experiences every year, we are able to meet some incredible individuals. Every now and then we are lucky enough to get to know some of our guests a bit better…

Meet Jessica Tibiatowski, a 36-year-old Creative Director from Minnesota. She reached out to us this fall, purchasing a Super Bowl experience for her dad as a surprise Christmas gift. She was even kind enough to share a video with our team revealing the gift presentation itself. After chatting with her, we learned there was so much more behind this incredible gift.

See her story in her own words below:

“When it was announced that the Super Bowl was going to be in MN, my Dad and I talked about how we wanted to go and should start saving our money. Then, this past year, we received devastating news that my brother Derreck was diagnosed with cancer. In June, after a tough battle, he passed away. Every day since has been extremely hard for us to get back to “normal” life. My goal was to give my Dad something to look forward to and be excited and smile about again. He is an amazing father, has always been our rock, and deserves to be happy. 

We had an awesome tradition of watching the Super Bowl together growing up and I believe we need to continue create happy memories and live life in Derreck’s honor. After everything that we have been through this past year, it was a big deal for me to be able to give this experience to my Dad and create these new memories that will stay will us forever.”

We were so moved by Jessica, her family and their story, we were able to give them a surprise of our own. Check out their experience at Super Bowl LII.


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