Super Bowl Fan Experience Q&A: Stu Herron

Super Bowl Fan Experience Q&A: Stu Herron

Stu Herron is an avid Patriots fan from London, Ontario, Canada that was able to travel to Super Bowl LIII to see his favorite player, Tom Brady, make history and win his sixth Super Bowl.

When Canadian laws almost kept him from witnessing a Patriots’ and Tom Brady Super Bowl in person, Stu refused to take no for an answer.

We wanted to find out more about Stu’s experience with NFL On Location at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta and what being at the game meant to him.

Who did you attend Super Bowl LIII with?
I was able to attend with my dad and sister.

Who is your favorite NFL team and player?
The New England Patriots are my favorite team and Tom Brady is my favorite player – excuse me, Tom Brady; the GOAT is my favorite player.

How did you discover NFL On Location?
A random google search, luckily enough!

Had you always planned to attend Super Bowl LIII?
Once the Patriots beat the Chiefs in the AFC Championship, I hopped online right away to purchase Super Bowl tickets. However, Canada has strict banking laws that don’t allow for purchases over Can$10,000 and with the exchange rate, our tickets were roughly Can$20,000. For the next 3-4 days, I was on the phone with Ticketmaster, StubHub, and really any company I could find to see if they could help me. All I got from them was “Sorry, we cannot help you”.

After feeling like Super Bowl was no longer a reality for me, I decided one night to just google how to get Super Bowl tickets in Canada, and that’s when I found about On Location Experiences.

My sister called and spoke with a sales rep named Nick Nicastro and we couldn’t have been happier. Over the next two days, Nick and I were in constant contact about tickets. Nick went above and beyond what any other sites did. Fast forward and two days later I had three Super Bowl tickets 21 rows from the field to watch Tom Brady play for a sixth ring. Just when I thought I had no chance to get to Super Bowl, Nick and NFL On Location came through with amazing seats and a fantastic experience. To take it a step further, if I was to ever attend another game or Super Bowl, no other site will be visited – it will be straight to Nick at NFL On Location!

Why do you find football captivating? And why is football your favorite sport?
Football was something we always watched in my dad’s household. Eight years after suffering serious injuries in a car accident, I was unable to play any sport but football was my always my escape. Getting to watch the Patriots every Sunday with my dad and sister was something that I looked forward to and kept me going through the toughest times. Watching Tom Brady quarterback the Pats each week was something the accident didn’t take away from me.

What is your favorite football memory?
My favorite football memory comes from this year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta when I witnessed Tom Brady raise the Lombardi trophy live. None of my other football memories can even come close to that!

On a typical football Sunday, who do you experience games with?
My dad and sister.

Do you have any football rituals?
My dad, my sister and I have our ritual. We all sit in the same spot, we wear the same jerseys, the same pants. I hold my Patriots football all game and we have my replica Super Bowl trophy of when they beat the Eagles in February of 2005 on the table. We put (at the time) all five of the Patriots’ Super Bowl rings on the table. We eat the same meal every Sunday when the Pats play and at half time, no matter the weather – rain, snow, ice or freezing temperatures – my dad and I throw the football for the entire intermission.

What is your favorite football food?
Roast beef, mashed potatoes and rice.

Do you have any plans to attend regular season games this year?
Yes, we do. We are hoping to get to the Patriots vs Cowboys game at Gillette Stadium!

Did you attend any of NFL On Location’s pregame parties? If yes, which one?
We did attend one, and though I don’t recall the party name specifically, it was once again nothing short of amazing. I was NOT expecting everything to be completely free. Free food, free drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic – what a great surprise. The party even had tailgate games and the entertainment was top notch. We didn’t stay the entire time because we wanted to get into the stadium, but it was still great.

What is your favorite memory from Super Bowl weekend?
My favorite memory was seeing the final second tick off the clock and knowing I could have seen the GOAT win his last Super Bowl. Seeing that will be a story I tell until my final day. Witnessing Tom Brady win a sixth Lombardi trophy was something I will never forget.

What’s next and do you have plans to attend Super Bowl next year?
I will continue to watch Tom Brady every single year for as long as he plays, and you can count on me attending at least one home game a year. As for attending another Super Bowl, I’m not sure. I know if Tom Brady makes another Super Bowl I will want to do whatever it takes to get there, but I also know this was likely a once-in-a-lifetime time thing.

Also from Stu…
Seeing Tom Brady win his sixth Super Bowl was truly special and something that I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for. I just want to once again thank Nick and his team at NFL On Location for a great experience that my family and I will never forget.

Learn about NFL On Location’s Super Bowl LIV experiences in Miami.

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