An Unforgettable Draft Experience

An Unforgettable Draft Experience

Joe & MK Evins Q&A

Football is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle and a lifetime of memories shaped by the people you experience it with.  On Location guests, Joe & Mary-Katharine Evins, brought both their love for the game and each other to the 2018 Draft in Dallas when Joe surprised his then-girlfriend with a proposal to be his wife.  From there, the rest was history and the two joined NFL On Location again when the Draft came to their hometown of Nashville, TN.

We caught up with Joe and Mary-Kate a few weeks after seeing them in Music City and here is what they had to say.

What do you both do for a living?
Joe is a BIM Manager for Logan Patri Engineering in Nashville. I (Mary-Katharine or MK) am an Assistant District Attorney in Williamson County, TN.

How did you find out about On Location’s fan packages?
Joe found it through a Google search.

Did you attend the NFL Draft with others or just you two?
Just the two of us but we made new draft friends both at the 2018 Draft in Dallas and 2019 Draft in Nashville.

Tell us about getting engaged at the Draft in Dallas last year!
I was completely surprised! I have dreamed of attending the Draft for a very long time. I watch every year and when Joe told me he had to go to Dallas for business I had to go along. I planned to attend the Fan Experience all by myself while he worked. I called my Titans season ticket rep and acquired passes to get in the building for the Draft and hoped Joe would finish his meeting in time to come with me. What I didn’t know was the work story was a ruse. He surprised me with On Location VIP passes for day 2. I couldn’t believe it…a tour of AT&T stadium, a photo op at THE podium, express passes for autographs, seats right on the stage! After the tour and while we were waiting for our photo op, Joe gave me a present…a Titans jersey with my daddy’s football number and his last name…He wondered if I might want to be drafted and pulled out a ring….The perfect proposal for this lifelong football girl!

Will you have any Titans decor at your wedding?
Probably, we just haven’t figured it out yet. It is a very small wedding with limited décor.

Why are the Titans your favorite NFL team?
The Titans are our hometown team! Growing up watching NFL football but living in a suburb of Nashville, I never thought we would have an NFL team. My family has been season ticket holders since day one. I remember sitting with my father examining the seating chart and deciding where we would sit in the new stadium to cheer on our very own NFL team. I still have those same seats 20 years later.

What about The NFL Draft do you find captivating? And if it is, why is football your favorite sport?
There are so many things I love about the NFL Draft! Yes, football is my favorite sport and as a college and pro fan, I love how the two come together and intertwine for this grand event. I love the buildup, learning about all the prospects, examining the needs of our team and trying to figure out what I would do if I was the GM. The strategy of the draft, the trades, the waiting, anticipation and the excitement when one of the players from one of my alma maters gets picked or watching our newest Titans have their names called….there is nothing like it.

What is something you will never forget about attending the NFL Draft with NFL On Location?
Dallas — GETTING ENGAGED. Nashville — Getting to experience the red carpet.

What is your favorite football memory?
I have so many. When I was little my daddy was a football coach. Football is my earliest memory. From Lambeau Field in the middle of December, to cheering on my favorite Titans—from Steve McNair, Eddie George, and Frank Wycheck, to Kevin Byard, Taylor Lewan, and Marcus Mariota, cheering on my favorite Volunteer Peyton Manning while I was attending the University of Tennessee to being devastated when he chose to go to the Broncos instead of coming home and becoming a Titan. From the Music City Miracle to beating the Pats at home. To watching the Draft with my daddy every year until he passed.

On a typical football Sunday, who do you experience the game with?
Joe or my friend Stacey that is as much a football girl as I am. We have a group of friends that tailgate together in the stadium parking lot.

Do you have any football rituals?
Every year I would watch the Draft with my daddy. Even if we couldn’t be together we would watch and talk on the phone. I have a buddy that we have our pre-draft phone call every year. I attend the home opener with the same person every year. And of course, tailgating!

What is one food that MUST be at a football tailgate?
We pick a theme for each tailgate based upon who we play.

What is your favorite memory from the 2019 NFL Draft weekend?
The red carpet was amazing. Plus getting to see, interact and get autographs from Titans players that were part of draft activities.

What’s next and do you have plans to attend the 2020 NFL Draft in Vegas next year?
Next,before the season starts, the Patriots come to town for joint practice with the Titans which should be really cool. And yes, we hope to be at the 2020 Draft in Las Vegas next year.

Did you meet or see any NFL players or Legends while attending On Location events?
Yes! I loved the official football On Location gave us in our gift bags. I used that and the mini helmet to collect autographs from prospects, non-Titans players and Legends. I carried around a Titans autograph football for my Titans and a Titans mini helmet to try and make a Titans Heisman helmet….Two signatures down only one more to go!

Finish the Sentence: Football is _____?
Football is family, friends and fun.

Which NFL event is on your bucket list?
Super Bowl

If you could choose to have the NFL Draft take place anywhere in the U.S., where would it be?
Would love to see the draft back in Nashville or in New Orleans.

Please share anything else noteworthy about your experience.
Stephen Sonkin with On Location is great!! I was so excited to see some of our new friends from On Location announce draft picks for their favorite teams. That was awesome.

A note from Joe Evins…

As a child, Mary-Katharine watched her father coach, which grew her into the football fan she is today. When she gets a chance to meet players, she turns into the geeky fan that can barely say hello.  It’s really funny to watch and I have to give an example from this year:

One of the below photos shows where our reps, Stephen Sonkin and David Pepperman, arranged for MK to meet Marcus Mariota alone before he came inside the facility for a scheduled photo op. Instead of asking him about the newly drafted Titan receiver, the team and other technical questions, she could barely say “thank you” for his signature. After he walked away she jumped up and down and squealed like a little kid. It was hilarious and everyone was cracking-up!

She’s clearly the football super fan of the family and I am now a fan because of her. I do special football related things for her when I can because I really enjoy seeing the excitement and joy it brings. That’s also why I chose On Location and last year’s draft to pop the question, which she gave the abbreviated version of in the above answers.

Want to make your NFL Draft experience unforgettable?  Learn more about NFL On Location’s exclusive offerings at the 2022 NFL Draft in Las Vegas.

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